Goal of the Training: Project Sustainability of Colombo Plan’s IPs .

Goal of Study Tour for AWSF III & ACSCF implementing partners:

:The Study Tour for AWSF III & ACSCF implementing partners covered various topics and these included Setting agenda and outcome of the study tour, Karwan Omaid. Introduction, inter partnership learn about reintegration activities, sewing classes, national patterns, national design, jewelry making, visit to the activities for the shelter women that are currently in operation, Social entrepreneurship, understanding Gender Based Violence(GBV) in Tajikistan. In addition, meeting with local women leaders whom work on GBV, restoration at legal support for the women in shelters, support networking with all stakeholders. In addition, inter partnership about income and budget, learn about business model behind the reintegration activities meeting of product SMS. Additionally during side seeing, all team visited from Qahai Easr and Tajikistan museum.

Program Introduction:

:As continuation of Colombo Plan support in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its partnerships, which operates on elimination of violence against women, to implement schemes through convening study sour for IPs of the Colombo Plan to their managerial knowledge of sustainability . Colombo Plan held a Four days’ Study Tour form 17 – 24 Nov 2019 for study tour for AWSF III & ACSCF implementing partners. In these study tour nine members, three men and six women were participated.

Program Explanation:First day (Nov 18 2019)

The Study Tour officially began by Ms. Subhia Mostonshoeva representative of Kawan Omaid and Strategic Leadership, Resource mobilization and Reintegration also introduced by Ms. Omida Sadritinova representative of Kawan Omaid. Beginning of program and three main issues, as resource mobilization, strategic leadership and reintegration explained by her and • This program started with introduction of participants there self and introduced their organization activities and Goals. • Expectations and challenges: mentioned to respecting each other opinions and time observation • Educational program and practices: In this part, the participants obtained to have practical exercises (teamwork, group work, reading the cases, and learning movies) beside oral studies of this training, and male and female should have equal participation

Main Objectives:

The main objective of the Study Tour was the None profit organization sustainbly, and reintegration of whose victem that reintegrated to thier families and they reintegrated in the society, decreaseing of VAWG by social media, economic empowerment of women and girl in the society, imporve the bussiness for all vectim in the society. In this section, all of agenda’s subject with details, Role of speakers that they represent their topics to participants and methodology of representation introduced by Sofia. Moreover, after my sister was a victim of trafficking violence in one of the European country in this case I wanted to established this organization explained by Omaid executive director of Karwan Omaid. In addition, handicrafts useful method for economic implementation of women presented by Omaida. After the launch all participant practically visited from bakery and coffee shop during by Karwan Omaid

Reintegration approach of the organization:

In this part, reintegration procedure completely explained by Mahnomen Tursunova representative of Karwan Omida and participants benefited from her presentation.

Second day (Nov 19 2019):

The program started with a recap of the first day by Ms. Subhia representative of Karwan Omaid. After that, social entrepreneurship and procedure of small business completely explanted by Ildar Ablaev one of the Tajik businessperson. In addition, regarding GBV; kind of cervices and deference between them and scope of services explained by Ms. Subhia representative of Karwan Omaid. After that and regarding to GBV, cases provided a work group by all participants regarding below: • Strategic Leadership; • Resource mobilization; • Reintegration.

Start Time
09:00 AM
Finish Time
10:00 AM
Hayat- Regency- Dushanbe Tajikistan.