Legal Aid Bureau Volunteer -Gender Focal Point Trainings

Project Location:Takhar Province

Project period:May 2016 - June 2019

  1. Project Description: JFAO implemented Access to Justice Program through various activities such as free Legal Representation
  2. ,Legal Awareness, Mediation, Reintegration, Legal Awareness, Para-legal trainings, Gender Focal Point, Court Monitoring and
  3. Advocacy. Throughout the project, 14,556 beneficiaries, including 11,778 female and 2,778 male benefited from JFAO services.
  4. In details; 600 legal coneiling, 2,500 Public Awareness, 120 Reffrals, 68 Legal Representation, 25 Training for Gender focal
  5. points and  781 people particepate to Coordination Meetings

Support the Provincial EVAW Commissions

Project Location:Badakhshan, Baghlan, Herat, Kandahar,Laghman & Nangarhar Provinces

Project period:May 2016 - June 2019

  1. Project Description: During the Support the provincial EVAW Commission Project, JFAO facilitated the EVAW commissions,
  2. support Resource Centers which located inside the Ministry of Women Affairs Deportments, conducted an outreach and legal
  3. awareness program on Violence Against Women in six provinces of Afghanistan (Badakhshan, Baghlan, Herat, Nangarhar,
  4. Laghman, and Kandahar). JFAO was able to reach 15,000 people with this program in the capital and district levels with support
  5. by UN Women .JFAO successed to provide services for total 33,471 benificiaries, including 23,261 female and 10,210 male.
  6. The services were including EVAW Commission meeting in the Recouce Centre Program, awareness program, Legal Advice,
  7. Expoture Visits and etc.